Peugeot Meguro&DS STORE Tokyo “Tig Digital Showroom Video”

Peugeot Meguro&DS STORE Tokyo “Tig Digital Showroom Video”

Video length 01:04 / Number of TIGs 12
“Tig Digital Showroom Video” was planned and produced by Paronym and Dentsu Tec Inc. (Head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo), as a new service aimed at customers who cannot come to the store due to coronavirus pandemic. It was used for the first time by Peugeot Meguro and DS Store Tokyo.

With the coronavirus pandemic, measures that can be taken which would not reduce customer contact points both online and offline are being considered and “Tig Digital Showroom”, which makes it possible to change attitudes and call to action using only video without having the customers come to the store multiple times, drew great interest and lead to its introduction.

By placing diverse touch points (e.g. product details, request catalog, schedule appointment, view video of the salesperson explaining the product) in the video, it is possible to efficiently provide information that meets the needs of each viewer and to seamlessly transition the viewer to test drive reservations and request for documents without going through the trouble of searching.

Since it can connect each viewer’s different interests and purposes to action (CTA), even today, where it is difficult to create contact points by online methods only, it can have an substantial effect, and can be widely used as "the standard sales activity tool” of the post-coronavirus era.

Its main characteristics are that, like virtual showrooms which are becoming a trend, it is possible to produce content immediately by only preparing the video and the web pages to transition to, and because new materials, such as VR and CG, do not need to be additionally prepared, the cost and man-hours are also kept at a minimum, and videos can be published in a short period of time.

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