Dive Japan/ Ginza Corridor Street

Dive Japan/ Ginza Corridor Street

Video length 02:42 / Number of TIGs 5
Tig was used in the 1 minute Travel Guide Dive Japan’s page on Ginza Corridor Street.

Travel guides aimed at foreign tourists are offered in various forms such as video, magazine, or website,
but even if simple information such as the location of the tourist destination can be understood,
to check for further details it is necessary to put things into words and search, which caused it to be a difficult task for foreign tourists.

With Tig Videos, by simply touching points of interest, information can be stored, and viewers can choose to move to web pages at their own timing
so they do not have to open a search engine and search using words, making it optimal for PR of tourism within Japan,
and effects on facilitating customer attraction can be expected.

For this video, how to access from Shimbashi to each restaurant is linked with Google Maps so that foreign tourists who are not familiar with the area can be directed to them without getting lost.

In addition, information of restaurants in Corridor Street can be checked from the multi-link,
and a highly convenient customization for viewers is implemented so that they can check multiple restaurants by just touching one place.

Please have a look!
Tig Video: How to dive into Ginza Corridor Street
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