PARONYM INC. (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) recognizes the protection of personal information as our important obligation, browses “ (hereafter” this page “), and inquires We will pay close attention to the collection and handling of personal information of everyone (“user”) being done according to this privacy policy stipulated by the Company.

1. About personal information

■ What is personal information

On this page, “personal information” is information that can identify individuals such as names, addresses, telephone numbers, and e-mail addresses (which can easily be compared with other information, thereby identifying a specific individual Including those that can be done). This page is collected only when the user acknowledges to transmit personal information.

■ Purpose of collecting personal information

On this page, personal information may be registered for users upon inquiries. We will use personal information of inquired user for the following purposes and obtain and use personal information in a lawful and fair way. We will not use the acquired personal information beyond the scope necessary for attaining the following objectives unless there is consent of the user himself / herself. 1. To provide, manage and operate this page 2. To reply to inquiries 3. To collect, create and send statistical data for which personal information for the purpose of managing this page is not specified 4. When the Company 5. In order to communicate necessary to the user 5. In addition, we will contact you in advance if you need to use it other than the above for the purpose gained user consent.

■ Use of personal information

This page uses personal information of users or discloses to third parties only in the following cases. 1. When the user gave consent. 2. In cases where the user and the Company become parties to the contract and are necessary for preparing or fulfilling the contract. 3. This is necessary because of the legal obligation that this page should obey. 4. When necessary to protect the serious interests of life, health, property etc. of users. 5. When necessary for the protection of public interest or exercise of authority under the laws and regulations of a third party subject to disclosure of this page or personal information. 6. This page aggregates and analyzes the attributes of users, prepares items processed so that individuals can not be identified and specified (hereinafter referred to as “statistical data”), conducts business such as development of new services When using, processing for. In addition, when this page provides statistical data to business partners etc. 7. When necessary for the interests of third parties or other parties subject to disclosure of this page and personal information within the range not infringing the interests of users. 8. In cases where the application is based on an order from a court, a public prosecutor’s office, or an administrative agency, or when an official inquiry is received from an administrative agency such as a police officer in accordance with laws and regulations that determine the investigation authority, or a law such as Article 23-2 of the Attorney Law In connection with a request based on

2. Other

About revision of privacy policy

We may revise all or part of our privacy policy. If there are important changes, we will inform you on the site. that’s all