Service Lineup and Pricing

Please upload your video materials(video file, thumbnail images of items, and hyperlink destinations) using the CMS.
Customers can edit Tig(tag objects). If you request us, we will edit (tag objects) the video using Tig within three business days (※1).
The finished product can be utilized in webpages and SNS by the iframe tags, div tags or URL obtained from the CMS.
※1 Please note that editing may take more than three business days depending on the volume of video content.
※The Tig video will be streamed from our servers.
Please contact us if you would like a quotation. Our sales representatives will be happy to be of your assistance.
Server Side
Tig editing and Tig streaming environments can be built into our clients’ server environment.
Video and metadata will be streamed from the Tig distribution server. It is also possible for clients’ to decide to have either video or metadata streamed from their environment.
Player Side
We provide tools such as a SDK for implementing Tig into smartphone apps and an API to coordinate data with webpages embedded with Tig.
Other Media Tools
We provide plug-ins that allow the use of Tig for video streaming platforms.
Already compatible with several major video distribution platforms.
If you are interested in our Enterprise SaaS Plan, please feel free to contact us.
Our sales representative will provide you with a quotation based on your specifications.
Also, we would be happy to discuss with your engineers for any technical inquiries before our quotation, free of charge.
Please contact us by filling out the necessary information in the Contact Form available on our service site.
Our sales representative will contact you after receiving your inquiries.
We can provide a quotation and give proposals on how to utilize our service based on your requests and concerns.
Application and Contract
After confirming which services you want to use by consulting with our sales representative, please proceed to apply and make contract.
Begin Services
Our staff in charge will contact you on how to begin services based on which services you have chosen.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any inquiries or if you would like a brochure.