PARONYM had a booth at TV Asahi’s GOTECH 2019,
a technology exposition showcasing cutting-edge technology
PARONYM had a booth at TV Asahi’s GOTECH, which was held on February 28 & March 1
this year.

“GOTECH” is a technology exposition showcasing the latest devices and services developed by group companies, branches and affiliates of TV Asahi as well as cutting-edge technology from both within Japan and overseas.

We were honored to be invited by TV Asahi for the event this year.

Looking around the other booths, we noticed how it was filled with exciting ideas and next-generation technology indicative of the advancements to be made in the forthcoming years that could impact how we watch television.

As our part in showing what’s to come, we held demonstrations at our booth of how our
video interaction technology ‘TIG’ can be used in the future of TV.
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