Customer’s Voice: ANREALAGE – Noriaki Shimura – <br data-src=

Customer’s Voice: ANREALAGE – Noriaki Shimura –
AZ Co., Ltd CEO & ANREALAGE Co., Ltd Division Director
While thoroughly emphasizing the brand’s world view & storyline,
recorded a user transition rate of 55.6% from video to EC site!

This article is a translation of the Japanese interview.

【Tig Introduction Overview】

ANREALAGE made the collection footage they presented at Paris Fashion Week into a Tig Video and published it on the home page of their official EC site.
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic Paris Fashion Week was to be held online for the first time, and as a brand they felt that it was the time to change how fashion was communicated and purchased, so they decided to introduce Tig, which seamlessly connects the place of presentation and sales.
We asked how Tig was used for the collection footage.


― What made you decide to use Tig for this opportunity? ―

First, in 2019, we were introduced to Tig by a company we knew and adopted it as a product ordering tool for local buyers at the “ANREALAGE 2019 S/S Collection”, which was presented at Paris Fashion Week. My impression at the time was that “Tig” was a highly convenient service for users that not only allowed you to obtain information from videos, but to order products directly, and that it provided a new viewing experience. I thought that these characteristics had a high affinity with the way how ANREALAGE, in order to clearly convey the show concept, creates something of value out of the novelty of materials or experiences in fashion. Therefore, continuing from 2019, we decided to adopt Tig Video, which utilized the collection footage, this time for the official EC site for consumers.

― Were there any points that were particularly decisive to use Tig? ―

The largest factor is the change in the fashion market due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Fashion shows which were held in the real world are now held online, and Paris Fashion Week has also changed to a new platform. One of the deciding factors was that we felt that if the way fashion is conveyed changes, it may be the time for the purchasing method to change as well, and that it was exactly Tig, which seamlessly connects the place of presentation and the place of sales, that had a great potential to become a new platform for fashion.

― What parts did you particularly focus on in making the Tig Video? ―

We kept in mind to set the Tig settings so that it would be a simple UI that thoroughly emphasized the brand’s worldview and story. For example, usually I think that it is set to display a "balloon" indicating the interaction point, but this time we set it so that it is turned off by default. Also, because of Tig’s simple operability, we thought that even if simple instructions are displayed at the beginning, users would be able to use it without hesitation, so for the instructions on how to use Tig, we prepared a simple diagram with almost all the text eliminated and expressed only with images. Even with such simple Tig settings, we think that users were able have a Tig experience without any problems, so we feel that it is a technology that can coexist with collection footage that are akin to the brand’s existence itself.

― We’re very pleased to hear your thoughts on how our technology can coexist with the collection footage. For the results, a higher-than-average click-through rate (55.6%) was yielded, but how do you feel about the actual effects of introduction? ―

We heard from Paronym that this number is higher than other Tig Videos (note: average 47%) , and we were honestly happy that more than half of the users have transitioned to the product page. The initial response for orders received from the EC site was very good, so we think that the Tig effect has contributed to the part of purchase as well. Although it was a new initiative the result was that it was accepted by many users, and we see it as a successful case. We would like to continue to provide new experiences using Tig.

― You said that you would like to continue using Tig in the future. In which cases are you thinking of using it? ―

I am interested in "Tig LIVE" where Tigs can be set on live streams. Currently, ANREALAGE is also implementing a new live commerce using Zoom, but since there are no means to connect to the purchase page, we are attracted to the technology that can directly connect to the purchase of the product. In addition, you can seamlessly guide viewers to the product purchase page simply by scanning the JAN code attached to the price tag with a barcode reader, and we find it very attractive that it can be streamed immediately at the store just by shooting with a smartphone, without troublesome preparation. I think that a new crossover can be born between ANREALAGE and Tig LIVE with the right project, so I am looking forward to planning various projects together in the future.

Noriaki Shimura PROFILE
Joined ANREALGE Co., Ltd in 2015. In addition to managing the Paris Fashion Week and global exhibitions, is in charge of B2B business management as the Director of the New Development Business Department. In May 2020, established a new group company AZ Co., Ltd. from ANREALAGE and serves as the Representative Director. In addition to the traditional fashion business of ANREALAGE, AZ Co., Ltd. conducts agency business and management business.

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