WATCHY x Tig: Touchable Tig Content added to app

WATCHY x Tig: Touchable Tig Content added to app

We would like to announce that we have provided the Tig SDK to WATCHY, the one-minute video media app where you can find what you want to do, and that a new feature which allows information of interest to be intuitively touched has been added to the videos in the app.

About Tig SDK
Tig SDK is a software development kit that is used to integrate the feature that allows information to be obtained just by touching and storing the object of interest.

By integrating Tig’s SDK into your company’s application, not only can information on where is touched be obtained, but also a feature where the whole Tig video can be added to a favorites list.

In addition, the design of the bubble indicating where in the video can be touched or the place of the stock list can be freely set for making Tig video with high originality.

Also, the implementation of the SKD into the app finishes in a short period, and Tigifying videos can be done easily.

For more details, please check the press release.

Press Release (Japanese Only)
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