Our company went on stage at the 5G innovation event hosted by NTT Docomo, Inc.

Our company went on stage at the 5G innovation event hosted by NTT Docomo, Inc.

Our representative Michio Kobayashi and Masato Hayakawa from the Sales & Marketing Division went on stage at the 5G innovation event “5G x Travel Tech: New travel experience generated by 5G technology” hosted by NTT Docomo, Inc. on August 28, 2019.

Based on the theme “video technology of the 5G era - Tig, examples of cutting-edge uses in the travel industry” we extensively explained Tig, from its basic specifications, use cases in the field of travel, results and analysis of other use cases, to what we have planned in the future.

Despite the bad weather, the venue was full, and filled with enthusiasm for the coming 5G era and clients who wanted to proactively adopt the use of technology in the travel industry.

Our company also introduced past cases where municipalities have used Tig and, while showing footage of interviews of what foreign tourists find troublesome, we talked in detail about how by using Tig there is no need to put things into words and therefore it is capable of solving problems arising from language barriers between foreign tourists.

In addition to providing explanations of our new service “Tig Signage”, we had our audience scan a QR code to experience the convenience of Tig on their own devices rather than through a monitor.

We had a lot of questions concerning Tig at the discussion meeting afterwards, and it was a great opportunity to check Tig’s interest in the travel industry.

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