TIG Brings you The Future of Video
Next-Generation Interactive Technology
Get access to information by touch only


Inspire Users with Vast Amounts of Information
It is said that one minute of video is worth 1.8 million words.
In addition to its ability to convey a lot of information,
it can be used to lead to action by appealing to the viewer’s need to know.


Next-Generation Video Technology That
Releases you from the stress of “video to search”
Users can intuitively acquire information they want without putting it into words.
Also they would not get lost trying to look for the necessary information.


User Interface (UI) That Keeps Video Clean,
User Experience (UX) That Feels Good
TIG is characterized by its pleasant user experience(UX), with an user interface(UI) that keeps the video looking as it is which functions in a way that does not interfere with the video’s storyline.
By analyzing the need of viewers, we provide a video experience that is always pleasant.


Easy and Quick Video Editing and Tracking Technology That Anybody Can Use
We are developing a tracking system that is highly accurate at tagging objects in video whether there are changes in how the object or the background looks.
With the combined use of this tracking mode and the semi-auto mode, it is possible to tag objects in the video with high efficiency.
Here are the steps to implement TIG.
2 Types of Models and Pricing
SaaS Model
With this SaaS model, clients can upload and edit materials to create TIG videos through a CMS.
Videos can be released in URL or iframe format.
CMS Analytics
An expanded license model that provides SDKs and plug-ins for clients who want to implement TIG technology in their apps or web pages.
Also enables clients to build their own TIG video distributing system and allows more customization.
Plug-in SDK API Server
New service derived from TIG
  • TIG Commerce
    TIG commerce --- A new form of e-commerce: Expands the possibility of video
    TIG commerce is a derived service of TIG, and has a card payment system within. This system allows users to complete their purchases directly from the stocked items.
  • TIG Magazine
  • TIG Signage
  • TIG TV
  • TIG Local
    TIG Local --- Get access to information from a touchable video without the Internet
    TIG Local is a standalone TIG service which can be used where network is unavailable.
    Since users can use this service without internet connection, they can watch and get details from TIG videos whenever and wherever they are.
  • TIG Ads
  • TIG Learning
  • TIG China
    TIG China --- Expansion in China
    We have established a totally-held subsidiary in Hong Kong, and set up a joint venture a merged company with a television broadcasting company in Shanghai.
    In addition, we constructed a TIG broadcasting environment on the Chinese cloud computing service, Alibaba Cloud in order to broadcast TIG videos within China.
    Also we are conducting test broadcasts throughusing “bilibili”, a video sharing website app in China, by implementing TIG technology within their app.
  • TIG Event
    TIG Event --- TIG Video broadcasting in sync with events
    We canare able to promptly stream TIG videos of events such as fashion shows.
    We are flexible in can providinge broad supports based on the event's contents and conditions in addition to our client's requests by planning steps until broadcasting, extracting content from video signals, editing videos, and providing on-site supports.
Introduced into over 150 videos in half a year
since the launch of service.
<Case Examples>
TIG has various applications such as in apparel, fashion show, and inbound tourism videos.
TAP Rate※1
STOCK Rate※2
JUMP Rate※3
Video Completion Rate
  • The rate of taps in a TIG area per play per unique user
  • The rate items get stocked in comparison to overall taps
  • The rate an unique user jumps to linked page per play
TIG videos can be easily made by anyone
Video Length 3 Minutes, 30 Places
TIG Editing Time
TIG Editing Time
Under 0Minutes
The suitability of Semi-Auto/Full Auto varies on the type of video content.
Patent Information
Management of Depth Metadata of Overlapping Objects
By assigning priority to various overlapping objects in the video, allows the option to only make objects in the front touchable.
(Patent Acquired)
Aggregation of Data on User Actions
Precise locations touched by the users are logged and sent to our servers. Collected data can be used to create heat maps.
(Patent Acquired)
Tagging Objects Using Auto Tracking
Allows information to be efficiently embedded in the video by the use of auto tracking that recognizes and traces moving objects.
(Patent Pending)
Video Content with E-Commerce Features
E-commerce features such as shopping cart and payment processing capabilities are implemented in the video. Allows product selection and payment all within the video.
(Patent Pending)
Do you provide video production services?
By coordinating with our partner companies, we can make proposals on how to plan and produce videos.
We have a video we want to use but don't know how we can utilize TIG in it.
We can give recommendations based on examples of application.
Can we use the service on a video distribution platform that we are currently using?
Our service can be used on major video platforms such as Brightcove and ULIZA.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any inquiries or if you would like a brochure.