Major Characteristics of Tig

  • Minimal, clean UI
    Minimal, clean UI
    A clean, organic UI that allows users to display or hide markers indicating which areas can be touched, and a stock list that is designed not to interfere with the video.
  • Unobtrusive and fits in with the story of the video
    Unobtrusive and fits in with the story of the video
    Tap items of interest to stock them without worrying about stopping the video each time.
    Allows the video to continue to play not to obstruct with the flow of the story.
    Even if a user jumps to the details page, video automatically restarts where a user left off when they return to the video.
  • Convenience after watching a video
    Convenience after watching a video
    Information stocked while watching the video can be checked by the user anytime they want. Users can get to the details by touching on an item in the stock list.
Tig can be used in various viewing environments.
  • URL
    URL to play a Tig video in a browser
    You can share the video on SNSs (*) by using this URL
    *Can be used for Facebook, twitter, LINE, and Instagram (for Instagram Ads and Instagram Stories)
  • iframe / div tag
    iframe / div tag
    iframe/div tag: html tag which can be inserted into web pages
  • Independently developed from scratch
    Independently developed from scratch
    The core technology is developed by our own team of developers, without the use of external engines or outsourcing.
    Since we develop our own software, we can respond flexibly to users’ demands and swiftly integrate new technological elements.
  • Editing tools including high performance tracking technology
    Editing tools including high performance tracking technology
    We provide editing tools that anyone can use to easily insert information into video.
    Using our independently researched and developed tracking system, editors can efficiently insert information.
    By the combined use of auto tracking mode and semi-auto tracking mode, it is possible to tag objects in the video with high efficiency.
  • Management of depth metadata of overlapping objects
    Management of depth metadata of overlapping objects
    Capable of depth metadata management of overlapping objects in the same frame and same area in the video. Our patented technology allows assigning priority in which objects you can touch when there are several overlapping objects in the same scene.
  • Viewing behavior analytics
    Viewing behavior analytics
    Clients can get access to viewing behavior data which include:
    -Which areas in the video users showed interest in
    -What they touched and stocked
    -The percentage of users who transitioned to linked details page

    This data can be broadly utilized in video marketing by combining them with other analytical data.
  • Heat map
    Heat map
    Areas users touched in the video can be visually expressed in the form of a heat map movie.
    This patented technology can help uncover what type of information users really want.
We provide licenses with various elements accommodated to our clients’ needs and their environment.
  • Server side
    -Server side:
    Tig editing and Tig streaming environments can be built into our clients’ server environment.
    Video and metadata will be streamed from the Tig distribution server. It is also possible for clients’ to decide to have either video or metadata streamed from their environment.
  • Player side
    -Player side:
    We provide tools such as a SDK for implementing Tig into smartphone apps or an API to coordinate data with webpages embedded with Tig.
  • Other media tool plug-ins
    -Other media tool plug-ins:
    We provide plug-ins that allow the use of Tig for video streaming platforms.
  • etc
    In addition, we can develop derivative services utilizing Tig services based on our clients’ needs or coordinate/customize development for existing systems.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any inquiries or if you would like a brochure.